Welcome to the Lonely Hackers Club

What is the LHC?

The LHC is a loose collective of people interested in hacking. LHC began on /r/defcon as a way for people attending DEF CON ‘alone’ to meet up with other people.


DEF CON Guide, updated June 2024

Check out our DEF CON guide, especially if you’re new!


Lonely Hackers Club Community Room at DEF CON

As you may know, we have a community room at DEF CON this year! We are planning on hosting a few events and we will be doing prizes as well!

We are working on the schedule but just a little insight: We are planning on doing Resume Reviews again, Name The Noob and Egor’s contest to name a few. Stay tuned for more updates!


LHC Shop

LHC is an official DEF CON Community this year! 🥳 We’ve setup an LHC shop to help offset expenses so we can do really cool things! 100% of all proceeds will be used towards the LHC Community for DEF CON.


LHC twitter account

LHC Mastodon account

LHC subreddit

DEF CON subreddit